Six-Month Smiles: Invisible Braces for Adults that get Teeth Straight Fast!

That's really the simplest and best way to describe Six-Month Smiles! So many patients believe that they must have braces for 2-3 years that they find it hard to believe their crooked teeth can be straightened fast, but it really is true! Read on for more information on how we make such dramatic Smile Makeovers possible with 6MonthSmiles - the AFFORDABLE option for a beautiful, straight, white smile in Charlotte, NC.

6MonthSmiles before-after pictures of Caroline, patient of Charlotte cosmetic dentist Dr. Payet

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Frequently Asked Questions about Six (6) Month Braces

How can you do braces in only 6 months?

The key to Six-Month Braces is that we focus on the teeth that show in your smile and simply maintain your existing bite in your back teeth. Six-Month Braces works very well for crowded front teeth and front teeth that are spaced out. Sometimes we can correct minor-to-moderate problems with the back teeth, too, but our goal is to give you a Smile you feel good about, not fix major bite problems.

The remarkable thing is, though, even with those "limited" goals, we can create DRAMATIC results!.

Dramatic smile makeover with 6MonthSmiles Invisible Adult Braces.

I had braces in before and didn't wear my retainer; will my teeth shift again?

As long as you have teeth, they can shift around, so we follow the philosophy of, "Wear your retainers for the rest of your life, and you can be sure your teeth will always stay straight." Most patients choose the thin wires bonded to the back of their teeth - completely invisible, very comfortable, and they last for decades.

Will my braces hurt?

Since we're moving teeth, it's normal to feel some tightness and soreness for a few days, sometimes up to a week after each monthly visit. Ibuprofen is recommended and usually provides excellent relief.

Woman wearing 6MonthSmiles clear braces - almost impossible to see them.

This isn't those ugly metal braces, is it?

Absolutely not! While we still use brackets and wires, the brackets are ceramic and practically invisible; even the wires have a tooth-colored coating that helps them be less noticeable. Many of our patients tell us that, even if their friends notice anything, they just think it's a retainer. Take a look - this young lady is wearing braces! Then see her AFTER:

Why not Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain Veneers can definitely create dramatic Smile Transformations, and if that is really something in which you're interested, you can see more about our cosmetic dentistry on other pages.

However, 6MonthSmiles has some distinct advantages:

How Affordable are Six-Month Braces, and can I make monthly payments?

We understand that it's important to keep dental care of all kinds (fillings, one-visit porcelain crowns,TMJ & Headache Therapy, dental cleanings, and more) affordable, so we offer the Quality Dental Plan that can give you up to 20% off our regular fees. Follow the link for more information (only open to patients not using dental insurance).

Is this the same thing as Invisalign?

No, it's not. In fact, we think Six-Month Adult Braces is BETTER than Invisalign, and for a few important reasons:

This is not to say that we don't offer clear aligners - we do!  Honestly, though, once patients learn all the advantages of Six-Month Smiles, they'd rather not do Invisalign.

Wouldn't you love to smile like this in the amount of time between 2 annual check-ups?

Portrait of happy patient after Six-Month Adult Braces in Charlotte.  Before and After Pictures, Six Month Adult Braces in Charlotte NC

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